How to sleep more deeply.

how to sleep more deeply

The phrase " we are living in unprecedented times" has become engrained in our very psyche since last March and we certainly are.

While we all do our very best to stop the spread of the virus, we are surrounded by negative and often frightening news and this impacts both our sleep and that of our children. I think it's important to understand that children are very aware of the pandemic, the constant media attention to cases and deaths and more and they are also not immune to OUR energies and feelings now. Children are sensitive to stress and anxiety too and especially when the adults around them discuss such serious matters.

Which brings me to sleep. A healthy sleep pattern builds immunity, helps with brain development, growth, stamina, resilience and hormonal balance. So how do we develop a healthy sleep pattern?

  1. Turn off the news! This is one of the most helpful things we did in our house. Stay informed but we don't need to check into every news bulletin.
  2. Go to bed early. The ancient way of being called ayurveda (sister to yoga) states that the optimum time to sleep and wake up are between 9pm and 7am.
  3. Stay caffeine free in the afternoon if it's a trigger.
  4. Listen to some soothing music or better still a gentle guided meditation with your children. They will just love it.
  5. The most important point. Practice deep and mindful breathing as often as you can and especially when you go to bed. Teach your children these techniques also.

Good luck and mind yourselves.