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Meditation: an essential part of the wellness formula.

April 23, 2022

During what seemed like our millionth lockdown, I embarked on a wonderful journey through the myriad of meditation styles, not just to appease my inner hippy but to deep dive into a scientifically proven method of wellness and as I dove deeper into the science of the brain and the chemical reactions caused by chronic stress and it's impact on our physical bodies also, I realised that while there's no "one size fits all" solution, that there is an actual formula to wellness albeit tailored to the individual.

And meditation plays a huge part in that formula. The image of a meditator sitting in lotus pose, chanting in Sanskrit has been replaced by mindfulness, being in our bodies, writing, humming, singing, cold water swimming, creative visualisations and so many more, however, if lotus pose chanting is your thing, that's utterly wonderful.

When we "mindlessly" scroll through social media or find ourselves watching the news with all of it's negativity. our bodies and senses are not engaged. Coming back to our bodies with a simple "body scan" technique can take a huge difference, allowing our para-sympathetic nervous system to work it's magic (rest and digest).

What are the various types of meditations?One of the most powerful methods of meditating is journalling, get those thoughts, hopes, dreams and worries onto a page, when they're in black and white they might make more sense and a solution might arise more quickly than if our thoughts remain muddled in our minds. We also have zen meditation, creative visualisation, silence which can be one of the most difficult types to master within our noisy worlds, sound baths and so many more.

The joy of teaching meditation.I adore teaching meditations, they allow my creative mind to flow and the energy in the room is always palpable. I feel immense joy when my fellow meditators look so completely relaxed, in fact, their yawns are a giveaway sign and an even greater joy is the knowledge that there is something for everyone, whether your'e a visual or sensory learner.

And to sum up my little meander through the mind, I've heard that some medics are "prescribing" meditation, yoga and reflexology to their patients.
And to that I say......OM!!

Thank you for reading.

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