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stress management

Stress Management at Blarney Wellness Centre.

August 1, 2021
stress management

During one of our many lockdowns I up-skilled, I usually choose reflexology based courses however nothing grabbed my attention more than Holistic counselling and meditation teaching! I was blown away by the resources, scope, support and depth of the course.

The vast majority of the content is based on the extensive research and findings of Harvard Medical school so when I inform my clients that all of my stress management tips are scientifically proven, I really mean it. My meditation teaching has evolved beyond all expectations which is so exciting.

So I now specialise in Stress Management incorporating my existing therapies and yoga because each element fits beautifully with the others. The perfect package as it were. One of the most powerful aspects is personalised recorded meditations, a hugely effective tool to retrain your mind to a more positive way of thinking, incorporating positive affirmations , breathing and relaxation techniques too, after all , your mind is your most powerful asset and needs to be protected and nourished just like your body.

I'm looking forward to autumn and winter when our group meditation and yoga classes return, hopefully and if not, we always have ZOOM!

You can contact me at 087-9721149 to discuss your options.

Heres reminder of my therapies: Stress management, clinical and orthopaedic reflexology, Indian head massage, reiki, Chinese/ sports cupping, Stress Melt Therapy(C), guided meditation classes, personalised recorded meditations, yoga classes, ear reflexology and advanced facial reflexology incorporating Japanese facial massage,

Thank you.

Pat xx

lavender for stress management
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